Selling your house can be hard work. There are times when it feels like you have taken on a second job. Simply sticking a “for sale” sign in your front yard is not likely going to get the job done. You need to be ready to do more. As you prepare to sell your home, consider the following. They should help focus on what is important to sell your home, making your job easier and to getting your house sold faster.

Know Your Market

All real estate is local. And when it comes to getting your house sold quickly, you need to know how your local is faring. What do the comps look like? What is the current average days on market (DOM) for home listings? How does your home compare? Knowing your home’s place in the current market is the first step on the road to a sale.

Select the Right Asking Price

Once you have performed your research on the market, you will find yourself in a position to decide on an asking price. The initial asking price that you set for your house will determine everything that happens after that. If you select a price that is too high many buyers will not even bother looking at. At that point you have most likely priced your house over the cutoff that your potential buyer will be looking in. If you price your house too low it may sell quickly, but then you lose money that you could have potentially made. Refer back to the comps in your area to help see what the market is dictating the value of your house to be.

Always be “Show Ready”

The hardest part of selling a house for many people is the constant showings. When you are selling your house you want people to come look at your house, but it can quickly become annoying to get your house ready and then vacate the property each time someone wants to take a look. However, this is key to getting your house sold. Keep your house and yard as close to “show ready” as possible so you will not have as much work to do when you get the call about another showing.

Know When the Offer is Right

Every sellers wants to sell for the highest price possible, but it is important to know when the time is right. Carefully consider each offer that comes in. Holding out for top dollar can result in you passing on the offer that would have got your house sold. You need to know what your priority is before you sell your home. Are you trying to sell for top dollar even if it means that your house sits on the market for years? Or are you trying to get your house sold even if you have to accept less than you hoped for? There is a lot that goes into selling a house. The guidelines above will help make your job easier in the long run. Stick with it and you will get your house sold.