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Meet Our Customers

“We can’t thank Dan and his team enough for buying our home in its condition. We were in a difficult spot and got immediate relief and he is continuously helping us get our lives and finances back on track. You’ve made life worth living again from helping us so much. And I appreciate it. From the bottom of my heart.”
Linda Isherwood

We didn’t just make a deal on the house and say goodbye. We stayed friends. Dan cared for people just as much as he cared for himself.  If I needed something, I just had to call him. He offered me help.”
Henry Schreiner

“There was a lot to deal with. I was overwhelmed. My mom could no longer take care of her house. She was in tremendous debt. Selling my mom’s house with PE took so much weight off my shoulders. It was really really important that it go as smoothly as possible, and PE Real Estate was an absolute gem at helping me do that. I could not have done it without you.”
Michelle Angers

“I just couldn’t keep up. I was going through a lot of stress. I tried other realtors, and I just felt more comfortable with you. There’s been a lot of weight lifted off my shoulders. It’s great. I don’t have to worry about fixing anything. Whatever your problem is or if you’re having trouble selling the house, talk to PE Real Estate Solutions. They can work with you!”

Jason Bonnell

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“Dan, I would like to thank you and your team at PE Real Estate Solutions Inc. I found you very knowledgeable, willing to go the extra mile and professional! Having a property and being out of town you made this transaction work for both of us! If I have any family or friends interested in the real estate market in the Windsor area I would not hesitate to recommend your Team!”
Bruce Rich

“It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Dan and his team at PE Real Estate Solutions. Often times working with investors can be a cut and dry process, dealing only with numbers and dollars. In my dealings with Dan, I’ve witnessed a human aspect with respect to real estate that few investors possess. He is extremely professional and kind. He has a huge heart and shows genuine concern for his clients and everyone he comes into contact with. The art of negotiation can sometimes cloud the fact that there human beings being affected by real estate decisions. I’ve witnessed Dan carefully consider the results of his actions on others before making a final decision. It’s been a pleasure working with him and I am honoured to be an extended part of his business.”
Jennifer Bartnik

“PE Real Estate Solutions did an amazing job on the reno. My grandfather’s home use to be beautiful, but over the years, that changed. I am grateful to see the house fully restored with a new family.”
Jerry M

 “In the transition of selling my old house, I had a great offer within 48 hours. The benefits of no agents no appointments, no having to get out of the house for inspections made things much easier. Great team- willing to help you at every turn.”

Keith H

“I have known Dan since 2008. Dan has the ability to understand and resolve complicated problems, and make them appear simple and logical. He has a tremendous practical sense and is a fantastic leader. I look forward to the next time I can collaborate with Dan.”
Dr. Meckkey El Sharnouby

“I honestly am just really glad you were the one that ended up buying it. Out of everyone who put offers in, you just seemed to be the most genuine person that would do right by my sister’s home. And I know that might sound funny, but it was something that was important to me because her home was something so important to her that she wasn’t willing to part with, no matter what. Thank you for your understanding and kindness.”
Tammy B

“Excellent company! Daniel and his team are dedicated to deliver high quality projects on a Win-Win perspective. I would recommend them anytime!”
James Martel

“I have done business with Dan Grenier for the last 2 years. Dan has proven to be very honest and reliable. In any real estate transaction, Dan makes things easy.”
Linda Pennie

“Dan does a great job modernizing older homes and making them look brand new. I don’t know of another quality company that does what they do.”
Joel Rousseau

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