Modern homes have come a long way in terms of style and design choices. With so much to choose from, one can easily become overwhelmed. With the right list of must-haves, however, one can quickly sift through the clutter and stick to the design features which are no compromise, deal breakers. Below we look at five absolute must-have features in the modern home.

5 Things Everyone Should Have In Their Home.

1. An open concept layout

It should hardly come as a surprise that an open concept layout made its way to the very top of the list. An open concept layout is now virtually an expected feature in modern homes. This sort of layout lends itself to the cooking and dinning in-home entertainment lifestyle that we’ve come to expect in today’s modern home.

2. Heated floors

In-floor heating is one of those features that add much needed comfort. Admittedly, in-floor heating is certainly not one of the features of the home that you readily see with the naked eye. However, during the brutal winter months, it is an especially welcomed feature.

3. Separate shower and bath cubicles, and a half-bath for dinner guests

It’s sometimes said that houses are bought and sold on the quality of the bathroom and the kitchen. This is true where bathroom designs in modern homes are concerned. Having the shower (which should be a floor-level walk-in shower) separate from the tub is expected and a must-have in modern homes.

A half-bath (sometimes referred to as a powder room) for guests to use during those long-winded dinner parties is a must-have. Having a half-bath allows you to provide the bathroom conveniences the guests will need without having them have to use any of your full bathrooms during their brief visits.

4. High-quality laminate floors

Laminate floors are both attractive and durable. High quality laminates, in particular, offers up flooring with a high-end look and feel. Durability and beauty are what you look for in great flooring.

5. An island or peninsula

An island is one of those features in the modern home, much like the open concept layout, that lends itself to small to medium-sized gatherings for in-home entertainment. In addition to providing that much needed prep space during cooking, an island also provides extra eating space. It helps to include attractive durable countertops on your island. Quartz, concrete, and stone are all options that should be considered.

Bonus Design Tips For Your Best Home

In addition to having the above must-haves in your home, it also helps to have an overall theme for your home. Themes can be determined by furniture, appliances, fixtures, compatible colors and more. Deciding on a theme allows your home to flow well as opposed to feel disjointed. It is important to choose compatible design options and to opt for a few statement pieces for the different rooms in the home. By adding statement pieces to your design, you will have a great looking home, as well as interesting conversation pieces for those dinner parties you’re looking forward to hosting. For home design, the devil is in the details and the seemingly smallest things have a big impact. So keep it simple.