When you are selling your house, you want to get every penny that you can out of it and entice every buyer possible. You may be ready to jump into home remodelling projects to get your house ready, but there are some projects that make sense to sink your money in and others that should be avoided.

Here are 4 areas that are worth your money when you are selling your house:

  1. Replace siding

The siding on your house makes a big impact on your curb appeal. If you have old and outdated siding not only will it look worse, but it might not be as safe. Newer siding can help to resist fire and protect your house from the elements, and it stands the test of time. Buyers love the idea that the house has new siding that they won’t need to worry about for years and years. On average, sellers will recover 95 to over 100 percent of the money they invest into siding replacement.

  1. Bathroom remodel

Bathroom remodels are a good investment if you do it right. Spending on cheap finishes will not benefit you and neither will doing an upscale remodel. If you want to make the best investment into your bathroom, stick with a mid-range remodel. The average cost is around $10,000 and the average cost recovered is 102 percent.

Consider making the following changes: add slate color tile and brushed nickel finishes, replace the light fixtures and toilet, replace your shower insert with tile, and add glass doors instead of a shower curtain.

  1. Small kitchen remodel

A large kitchen remodel with upscale finishes is not going to be worth the money you invest into it, but a small kitchen remodel is. Look for ways to update the items that you have in the kitchen already. Try refacing the cabinets and adding new hardware. Replace mismatched appliances. Paint the walls a neutral color and add a white subway tile backsplash. Focus on keeping the cost of the remodel low while making timeless updates to the room.

  1. Convert unused space

If you have attic space that could be used as a bedroom, take the time to finish it off. Extra bedrooms can greatly increase the value of a home. If the market is hot for sellers, an extra bedroom can be just the advantage you need over the other houses in your area. You can recover almost 95 percent of the money that you invest into it.

Remember when you are trying to sell that recovering all of the money that you have invested isn’t the only goal. Some updates are made in order to entice buyers into wanting to make an offer on your house. Even if you don’t recover all of the money you invested, if your house sells, that is still better than having a house that sits on the market for months.

Regardless of what changes you make, remember that a clean and uncluttered house will always show better to buyers. Make the updates that you can and focus on making it look as nice as possible without breaking the bank.