The time has come. You have spent time and money preparing your house to be placed on the market. You are finally ready. The next step is writing a home listing that will describe your house accurately while enticing buyers to schedule a showing.

The reality is that good houses with a poorly written home listing will not get buyers in the door.

The following three strategies can help you write an attractive home listing.

1. Jump to the Point

Buyers look at many listings every day. If the home listing does not grab their attention in the beginning there is a good chance they will move on to the next one.

Spend some time determining what the biggest selling feature of your house is. What made you want to buy the house in the first place? What features have you fallen in love with since living there?

Highlight these right off the bat to keep buyers interested. Describe things like original hardwood floors, spacious walk-in closets, and new stainless steel appliances.

2. Keep Them Wanting More

It can be tempting to want to describe every little detail in your house so you hit on all the features, however this is a mistake. Keep it short. Less is more when it comes to a home listing. However, if there is something that you believe is an important feature to include, make sure it gets listed.

You should try to keep your description to around 250 words. Give your potential buyers enough details to intrigue them and pique their interest so that they must schedule a showing. Your listing should also include professional photos, which will help buyers get a good idea of what it looks like.

3. Make it Easy to Read

In the long list of paragraphed listings, you want to make your home listing easier to read. Try using bullet points to highlight the main features that interested buyers will be looking for. This would include information on square footage, number of bedrooms, school district, etc.

Keep the paragraphs short and to the point. Write the description in a way that allows buyers’ eyes to easily scan along the information. Keep in mind that the layout matters just as much as the words that you are using.

Your home listing is the first impression that you make on potential buyers. For this reason, you want to approach writing the home listing from the vantage point of a marketing expert instead of a homeowner. You need your home listing to generate enough interest in potential buyers that they decide they need to see the home in person.

While your home listing alone will not sell your house, it will be a big factor in helping to get your house sold. The real selling factors will be the things like the size and condition of your house along with the location. However, your listing can be used to highlight all of these features in a way that brings the buyer to your door.