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Are you looking for a House for Sale in LaSalle Ontario? When you’re purchasing a property you need relevant facts about the house but also about its neighbourhood and community. You most probably have countless questions about La Salle region such as: Is there a convenient public transit? Are there any good schools in the area?

Last year a good friend has decided to relocate to LaSalle, a town in Essex County, Ontario, Canada. After six years of city living, he has made a life decision and chose to relocate to southern Canada. This change of place seemed to be the most promising path to growth. Therefore he pulled up stakes and decided to relocate to La Salle where he was hoping to find better odds for business success than he had in the United States. I have helped him with the research about the region so that he could make an informed decision and get the best possible outcome.

With a wide range of affordable options of a House for sale in LaSalle Ontario my friend had to choose from a variety of houses in a number of styles.

LaSalle Climate


LaSalle is a bedroom community of the City of Windsor and is part of the Windsor Census Metropolitan Area. It is a multicultural border city that features several advantages than meet the eye. As it is placed in the southernmost part of Canada, the LaSalle region boasts a temperate climate. It actually enjoys the warmest climate of any of Ontario’s cities; having the same latitude as Barcelona, Spain and Northern California!

One of the reasons my friend chose LaSalle was that he could enjoy a generous number of warm sunny days!

Located in the south of Ontario and across the U.S. city of Detroit and it is actually separated from Detroit by the 731.5 meters wide Detroit River.


Public Transportation

Its key position close to the U.S. border has played an important role in its success. From Las Salle you will have easy access to Windsor Airport as well as to Detroit’s International Airport which is situated at a 45 minute drive from Windsor city. The close location of the two airports provides timely access to and from most important cities worldwide.

Having one of the larger communities of Essex County and a population of about 30,000 the city boasts a great public infrastructure that offers end to end access in just a matter of minutes.


LaSalle Education System


The LaSalle region is home to several major research facilities and institutions of higher education. In LaSalle, most children attend the following primary schools: Sacred Heart Elementary School, Prince Andrew Public School, LaSalle Public School, Sandwich West Public School, Ecole Mgr.-Augustin-Caron. While most teenagers go to one of the following two elementary schools: Sandwich Secondary School or St. Thomas of Villanova Catholic Secondary School.

From La Salle city you can also easily reach some of the best education facilities in the Ontario province; the University of Windsor and St. Clair College.

Recreational areas


The Town of LaSalle also offers a natural landscape with many beautiful parks. In addition it also boasts an extensive network of paths and trails for those who prefer walking, jogging, cycling, or mountain biking.

City of LaSalle also features an incredible complex. It includes a pool with wave action and water slides, twin ice pads indoor soccer facility and an indoor walking track. Furthermore the centre also has numerous outdoor soccer and baseball fields. The Vollmer complex occupies a total of 189 acres of land.

With beautiful scenery, lovely neighbourhoods and an incredible selection of Houses for sale LaSalle Ontario there are many benefits of owning a house in LaSalle.