To sell a house for a decent amount of money, there must be a lot of work put in. A seller cannot expect a potential buyer to love their house when it is cluttered, dirty, and needs a lot of updates. Always showcase the house’s potential to show buyers that it will be worth the investment.

The Yard

While it seems silly, there are many people who will not look at a house if the yard does not appeal to them. The first picture many people see of a home is of the outside. An inviting yard will entice more buyers to want to look at the rest of the photos. Adding colorful flowers and making sure all paint is up-to-date will make the house much more appealing.

More Than a Spring Cleaning

While many homeowners like to keep their house clean, even more needs to be done when showing a house. Cleanliness does not stop at a mopped floor and no dishes in the sink. Every nook and cranny of the house should be neat and tidy. That means going through all areas, especially storage areas, and getting rid of any items that should not be there. A cleared out storage area will appear to be much bigger than one that is full of boxes or clothes.

Personal Items

All personal items should be packed away and stored away from the house. Seeing personal items will stop the buyers from seeing themselves purchasing a home. Buyers need to see a blank template where they can imagine their furniture and decorations.


Paint is such an easy way to make a house feel updated. It will also be easier for a buyer to imagine their own décor preferences if the walls are a neutral color. Usually light grays are preferred. A light color will help open up a room and leave a lot up to the imagination of the buyers that walk-through.

Small Updates

There is no reason to completely update a house to sell. However, a few simple updates or repairs should be done to make sure everything looks new. Concentrate on the walls, doors, and baseboards. They should be clean, freshly painted or varnished, and scuff free.

Check For Tiny Repairs

Nothing puts doubt in a buyer’s mind like lights that are burnt out or handles that are loose and missing. These are very simple fixes, but they can mean the difference between an offer and a buyer choosing a different house. Always check for these tiny repairs and finish them before buyers walk through.


Plants and fresh fruit in the kitchen are always inviting. People love to see fresh foliage in a home. It welcomes them in and lets them see that the house is well cared for.

Avoid The Empty House Smell

Buyers will be immediately turned off if the house does not smell good. Even with an air freshener, a buyer will be able to smell anything that is off. It is best to have someone that does not visit often do a walk through. They will be able to notice any smells that are not good and help an owner find the source.

Super Cleaning

When the house seems to be clean enough, do another walk through. Or have a friend walk through as well. A homeowner often gets used to areas being cluttered or dirty and will not notice them. All areas should be spotless and clutter-free.

Prepare for the Walk Through

While it seems crazy, there are buyers that walk through a house and steal items. These people are strangers and they will likely never see the seller again. Any small valuables should be stored away from the house or completely out of sight.


Hiring a staging company is well worth the investment. These companies understand what buyers are looking for in a house, and will help to decorate the house in a flattering way. There is no need to buy all new furniture or décor. Sometimes the company will rent items for showings. A well-decorated home will sell quickly.

Selling a house is a long process. The seller must take into account all aspects of the home, including the yard and storage areas. The cleanliness of the home is vital to a good showing. Using an unbiased third-party opinion can help greatly when preparing for a home showing.