1. Get DOUBLE DIGIT Returns on Your Investment

With PE Real Estate Solutions, it is not uncommon for lenders to get 10-12% return on their money.

2. Short term investment

Your investment is typically tied up for 3-6 months, not years.  And so, you can get access to your funds and gains in a relatively short period of time.

3. Repeatable Results

At PE Real Estate Solutions we are always looking for investors for our next project. At the end of your term, you can reinvest with us multiple times a year.

4. Tangible Investment

Your investment is used on one property at a time, and is not pooled together with other investors; it is easy to see where your investment is going.

5. Backed by Real Estate of much Greater Value

PE Real Estate Solutions specializes in purchasing distressed properties significantly below market value. As such, your investment is tied to a property of much greater value as collateral.  In the event of defaulting on the loan, the lender becomes the owner of that property of much greater value.

6. Secured Interest

Your investment is registered as a mortgage that is recorded with the county clerk and recorder to publicly secure it against the real property that we are providing as collateral.

7. Insured Investment

PE Real Estate Solutions ensures all lenders on the insurance documents. In the case of fire, floods, or other unfortunate circumstances, the lenders interest is also insured.

8. Passive Income

Let your money earn money.  That’s how the wealthiest get rich.  There is no better way to earn a substantial income without doing any of the work. Plus, this is a very predictable income stream because rates fluctuate very little.

9. Grow Your Retirement Fund

There are many ways to invest with PE Real Estate Solutions.  You can use a line of credit, equity on your home, and you can even invest using a self-directed RRSP account to grow your retirement fund at 10% each year.

10. Easy and Legal

PE Real Estate Solutions uses and pays for attorneys to prepare all documents with private lenders; it is 100% legal.

You, as the private money lender can benefit greatly from investing your capital.  There is no better time than now to start growing your passive income without lifting a finger. We are always looking for private lenders to partner with us on real estate projects.

If you have any interest in this opportunity, and would like a private lender credibility packet, or would like to subscribe to our weekly newsletter/blog, please contact: info@perealestatesolutions.com.