Sending my youngest son to college was always part of the plan.  Although this was a very proud moment; it was also the time to make a choice. Should I change his bedroom into a different room? I now have the possibility of remodelling my home and turning it into the house of my dreams.  For months I had envisioned myself moving his bed and nightstand and rearranging his bedroom as my home office. My plan was to move my basement office into this room and paint the walls in a soothing cream colour. I would love to move my books and records upstairs too. I have also imagined myself working in that room, having sunlight spreading across my desk.

However as my husband had other plans we have put together a list of projects we could do in order to take the best decision:

Media Room
The extra bedroom from our house could be the perfect spot for a media room. A well-endowed media room will definitely bring a smile on our faces. Since my husband is passionate about technology this room would definitely be his favourite one in the house. We could purchase a really wide screen TV or we could equip it with a projection wall and some comfy armchairs. The rest of its equipment would definitely revolve around relaxation and entertainment. Home theatre sound systems, LED back-lights in the rack or under seats. bean bags, hammocks are a few features that we’ll be taking into consideration. We even consider recessing speakers into your ceiling or walls in order to eliminate any visible wires.

I would even like to design a small closet to hold all the extra media components. In case a separate storage closet doesn’t work in your space you can consider transforming the cabinets of a built-in into a space to house the electronics.

As I have always considered myself an active person, this could be my chance to bring sports closer. I would love to be able to really integrate exercise into my daily schedule. When I go to the gym, the part I hate the most is getting there.  Having a gym inside the house would definitely make my daily weight training or cardio routine easier. A couple of indoor fitness machines, mattresses and weights are definitely on my list. As I do not have enough room for everything, I will have to stick to the equipment I use on a daily basis. Such as an elliptical trainer or treadmill.  When considering the layout I believe I will live the area in the centre of the room empty for floor work like Pilates and yoga. Consequently I will place the large equipment items around the perimeter.

If you can’t determine how to remodel the extra room you have available you should try to make a plan. First, you need to decide what kind of remodelling you want to make. After that, you should determine your budget. Finally you can choose which model matches your life style and also fits into your budget.Turn this exciting new project into reality all by yourself or ask the help of professionals